Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) Mastery Program. Here you will learn everything you need to become Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) expert and eventually certified.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) Mastery Program Includes:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) Installation Mastery

Deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Businesses Course

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) Functional Mastery (Sales, Marketing & Service)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) Customization Mastery

Master Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online Deployment

Master Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales

Master Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service

MB2-716 Certification Program (with Exam Notes & 2 Practice Tests) - Customization & Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Workflows Mastery Course

BONUS: Project Case Study (Part of Every Video of Functional & Customization Module)

BONUS: Microsoft Dynamics Project Implementation Mastery

More than 100 Hours of Video content, 1000+ Training Videos and Lifetime Access (Nothing Like This In The Market)

This has everything you need to succeed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365)!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) Installation Mastery


Virtual Machine For Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Roles

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation Prerequisites

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Installation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions Installation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Management Introduction

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router Installation And Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Side Synchronization Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client Installation And Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sample Data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation Mastery Course Review

BONUS Dynamics CRM On Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) Functional Mastery

CRM Functional Mastery Overview

Dynamics CRM Sales Management Process

Dynamics CRM Lead Management

Dynamics CRM Opportunity Management

Dynamics CRM Product Catalog

Dynamics CRM Sales Order Processing

Dynamics CRM Service Management

Dynamics CRM Case Management

Dynamics CRM Knowledge Base

Dynamics CRM Queues Management

Dynamics CRM Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Dynamics CRM Service Management Analysis

Dynamics CRM Marketing Management

Dynamics CRM Marketing Lists

Dynamics CRM Campaign Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) Customization Mastery

CRM Customization Mastery Overview

Dynamics CRM Administration

Dynamics CRM Security Module

Dynamics CRM Solutions Management

Dynamics CRM Entity Customizations

Dynamics CRM Fields Customizations

Dynamics CRM Forms Customizations

Dynamics CRM Relationships Management

Dynamics CRM Views Customizations

Dynamics CRM Business Rules

Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows

Dynamics CRM Workflows And Dialogs

Dynamics CRM Charts

Dynamics CRM Dashboards

Dynamics CRM Plugins


Microsoft Dynamics Project Implementation Mastery

Project Implementation Mastery Overview

Project Implementation Mastery Blueprint

Project Phases Introduction

Project Implementation Analysis Phase

Project Implementation Design Phase

Project Implementation Development Phase

Project Implementation Testing Phase

Project Implementation Deployment Phase

Project Implementation Operations Phase

Project Phases Review

Project Types Introduction

Standard Project Type

Rapid Project Type

Enterprise Project Type

Agile Project Type

Upgrade Project Type

Project Types Review

Master Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Deployment


What to Expect

Create A Customer Organizational Structure

Module 2 Overview
Module 2 Review

Administer the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Environment

Module 3 Overview
Module 3 Review

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Other Applications

Module 4 Overview
Module 4 Review

Manage Microsoft Outlook and Mobile Environments

Module 5 Overview
Module 5 Review

Review & Next Steps

Additional Certification Preparation Resources

MB2-716 (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration)


Welcome Preview
What to Expect

Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365

Module 1 Overview
Module 1 Review

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Entities Entity Relationships And Fields

Module 2 Overview
Module 2 Review

Create and Manage Dynamics 365 Solutions Forms Views And Visualizations

Module 3 Overview
Forms - Form Types
Module 3 Review

Implement Business Rules Workflows And Business Process Flows

Implement Workflows
Implement Dialogs
Module 4 Review

Course Review And Next Steps

Course Review

Master Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales


Welcome Preview

Create a Customer Organizational Structure

Module 1 Review

Manage Leads and Opportunities

Module 2 Overview
Module 2 Review

Manage Relationship and Sales Analysis

Module 3 Overview
Editable Grids
Export To Excel
Module 3 Review

Manage the Sale Process

Module 4 Overview
Sales Territories
Module 4 Review

Improve Sales Performance

Goal Metrics
Working With Goals
Goals Hierarchy
Rollup Queries
Module 5 Review

Manage Customer Information

Module 6 Overview
Module 6 Review

Course Review

Course Review

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Deployment


Why Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learn The Basics & System Requirements of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Plan For Your Successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment

Steps To Successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment

Administer Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment

Whats Next

Master Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service


Welcome Preview

Manage Cases the Knowledge Base and the Interactive Service Hub

Module 1 Overview
INS - Email Router
Module 1 Review

Manage Queues Entitlements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Module 2 Overview
SLA - Standard SLA
SLA - Enhanced SLA
Module 2 Review

Implement Service Management Analysis and Voice of the Customer Surveys

Module 3 Overview
SMA - Define Goals
VOC - Install VOC
Module 3 Review

Manage the Unified Service Desk (USD)

Module 4 Overview
HC - USD Debugger
Module 4 Review

Manage Dynamics Field Service and the Interactive Services Hub

Module 5 Overview
Module 5 Review

Course Review And Next Steps

Course Review


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