Microsoft Dynamics CRM (365) Customization Mastery

  CRM Customization Mastery Overview
  Dynamics CRM Administration
  Dynamics CRM Security Module
  Dynamics CRM Solutions Management
  Dynamics CRM Entity Customizations
  Dynamics CRM Fields Customizations
  Dynamics CRM Forms Customizations
  Dynamics CRM Relationships Management
  Dynamics CRM Views Customizations
  Dynamics CRM Business Rules
  Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows
  Dynamics CRM Workflows And Dialogs
  Dynamics CRM Charts
  Dynamics CRM Dashboards
  Dynamics CRM Plugins
This module covers functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflows & Dialogs. Workflows allow to automate many parts of a business process that users don't have to interact or work on manually. Workflows can work on real time as well as in background. Dialogs allow users to capture information in a Wizard format and then perform an operation at the end of the Dialog execution. This can be create a record, update a record, etc. In this module you will learn about Workflows and Dialogs and how to create workflows and dialogs.

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